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Our Goal

Teenagers across the globe face devastating problems including cyberbullying, violence at home and culture, internet addiction, substance abuse, and eating disorders all of which lead to suicide. The number of teen suicide has been rapidly been increasing over the years. There is always something that each of us can do to reduce this and all adverse problems teens face, and help develop a well-adjusted relationship to our technological and commercialized culture.


Our goal to create a community of support for every child suffering from any social or mental trauma and overall spread the idea of a positive living environment for the well-being of every teen and their families.
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Read stories written by teenagers all over the world and remember you are not alone. if they went through it, you surely can!

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Read transcripts of interviews with mental health professionals, teenagers, parents and teachers regarding various teen mental health issues!

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We pick out motivational, worthwhile, and relatable quotes and put them all together for you to read whenever you need some positivity!

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No matter how short your story is, whether it's a small piece of artwork or a tiny poem. It matters. It makes a difference. Speak up, share your story, it might even help another teenager!

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Terms and Conditions 

Just A Teen is a youth organization. A page solely meant to create a safe place for teenagers to feel free to express their thoughts, feelings, and emotive stories that could inspire someone else. The organization can not be held responsible for any kind of self-harm or destruction done or caused. this website does not indulge in any kind of medical, mental, or social advice or therapy.  If found in a position of causing any self-harm or destruction, kindly contact a trusted adult, government helpline, or seek medical care. 
The  Dropbox on this page is specifically meant for  Teenagers to express themselves without their privacy of a private story being invaded by this foundation. The foundation can not be held responsible for any self-harm or destruction caused due to a story.
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