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Meet The Team

Meet The Team

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Known for her confidence and ability to express emotions through her strong arguments, Sharvari is a passionate teenager with a penchant for economics and theatre. She fights for matters she believes in and advocates change where it is required. Through this organisation, she aims to help teenagers gain the same confidence in their voice and speak up for change.

Founder and website designer 


Creative Director and
Head of designing 

Anisa is an art student who enjoys subjects such as physics and math. She loves coming up with new and creative approaches to various situations. With just a teen, Anisa hopes to share her inputs and ideas to help just a teen be more welcoming and supportive, through art and design!



Creative Director 

Kalpita loves to learn about the human mind and the emotions it gifts, alongside her enthusiasm for doodling and painting. Through Just a Teen she wishes to put forth a helping hand. She wishes to draw a line in between mental health and mental disorders, something which has been erased generation after generation by the society that nurtures us.



Head of writing 

Jashmitha loves reading and writing, as well as learning about economics. She realizes that Mental health is a largely ignored aspect and through Just a Teen, she hopes to be able to help spread awareness and bring a change to the way in which mental health is looked at.




Sreya is an aspiring artist with an evolving interest in all forms of creativity. She is keen on understanding why people think the way they do and intends to aid people in their self-discovery. She aims to address aspects of mental health through visual design and help make Just a Teen a platform where people can comfortably speak their minds without the stigma around mental health.

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Ayra loves to write and research and she's crazy about the office. Through just a teen, I want to help people see themselves for who they truly are and never doubt themselves. I don't want their self age on the way of their capabilities




Ishitta loves studying economics and physics and likes participating in public speaking events. she realizes how overlooked mental health of adolescents is worldwide, and through Just A Teen she hopes to make a valuable contribution in furthering the destigmatization of mental heath.




Rajarshi is always finding new hobbies to entertain himself and loves designing games and new content. He would like to bring awareness to several issues in the worldwide economy and through Just A Teen he can do just that.




Ouseph Thomas enjoys drawing, writing, sports, and music. He hopes that he will be able to help Just a Teen reach their goal and help as many teenagers as possible through the use of his art skills.




Ananya has a specific interest in dance and football. She understands the importance of teenage mental health as well as emotional development. She is poise and determined to help teenagers through their journey using her own experience in the subject.




Kavni is a business and theatre student. She loves designing and graphic art. She thinks that mental health is often ignored and hopes that just a teen will be a great platform to change that. She believes that small changes like this will immensely help the teen society.




Atreyi loves music, she feels it's what people use sometimes to connect with the world. She realises that we live in a society that stigmatises mental health and hopes to reach out to people through Just A Teen and raise awareness of several issues that need to be addressed and help people in any way she can.




An aspiring design student, Anjali loves the arts, be it music, film, or theater. She also understands the importance of discussing mental health and why it needs to be destigmatized. Through Just a Teen, she wishes to help spread awareness on such issues and shed light on topics that tend to be kept in the dark.




 Kirthana is an athletic person who is ambitious. Furthermore, she enjoys reading and researching.  She is a very passionate person who has strong opinions. She believes in making a change. Through Just A Teen she hopes to help others and give them a platform for raising their voices and being themselves.




Aashima enjoys chemistry and business. She also loves expressing herself through theatre, baking and art. She believes all teens should be able to communicate themselves and live in a world where they can do things they love, through this orginization she hopes to help people achieve this dream.

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