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3 Days of Gratitude

Gratitude, a powerful catalyst for happiness. Being bombarded with changes in and around us, we forget to acknowledge the people who've been there for us. We forget to acknowledge the fact that we are now once we dreamt about being. We forget that there's a whole new life of adventures waiting for us.

Let's take these 3 days to extend our gratitude to every person, everything and ourselves to thank them or for making you who you are today. Thank the people who brought you back up, you when you were down. Help someone else going through something you did, share your stories of how certain things helped you grow. Let's not ignore the people who helped us grow and be the self-confident person you are now. Take these 3 days to reflect on how you've helped yourself grow, look at who you are now, be proud. Share your stories now at or write to us at your story could inspire a lot of others. Together let's build a community of positivity and gratefulness.

JustATeen would like to introduce 3 days of gratitude every month, to thank all those people and things that have helped us, teenagers, throughout our years.

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