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A Group of Friends

Why is it that I always go back. I have this group of friends and we've all been friends for like a year now. We used to all hangout, talk, and the usual stuff. For the longest time, I've been noticing them hang out without me, giving stupid excuses that I could easily see-through. If I talk to them about they say stop overthinking but like I'm not overthinking, literally I'm just saying and thinking about what's happening right in front of my eyes! They scream at me, then blame it all me, and then we say sorry and become friends again. They do it to me again, I just act as if I don't notice and go home crying. I'm tired of going back to them, sick for always choosing them when they never chose me. I'm tired of feeling hopeful one day and sad the next just because of them. They're messing up my day and emotions and I can't take it anymore

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