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A Lifestyle

On March 14 2020 the government of India had declared a nationwide lockdown. Now while some kids were excited with this news many athletes or student-athletes were deeply sorrowed because they were being taken away from the game they love, they were being quarantined from the one thing the loved the most, SPORTS. While being away from the court had posed many mental obstacles for me my mind had to express basketball in some way. A couple of my friends had the same feeling and we thought doing a podcast about topics which we always argue about in school and present it to an audience would help us.

A sport isn’t just a game it’s a lifestyle, you live by it and dedicate hours and hours of every day to getting better and perfecting your craft. The sport I live for is basketball. It all started when I was bored one day and decided to watch a game of basketball, I was 9 at the time. After witnessing the emotions, elegance, and sheer beauty of the game I made it a point to be the next one up, be just like Kobe and Lebron. Ever since that day I’ve worked hour after hour slowly getting better inching my way in hopes to be the best that ever stepped on the court.

The entire quarantine thing completely threw off not only my work schedule but many others too, without proper access to sports facilities or anyone to work with we athletes were forced to sacrifice a major part of our life. We couldn’t play sports the very thing most of us would die for. Basketball isn’t just a game it’s a way out of life and all the struggles that come with it. The basketball court to me is the only place where I can forget about all else around me and just play, I can enjoy myself.

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