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"Hahaha," I laughed trying to hide my disappointment.

"Of course I was kidding..." I smiled.

"You better be, don't go messing around with that stuff," frowned my mom.

"What do you mean THAT stuff, it's use it literally everyday," I said trying to keep the conversation light-hearted.

"Yeah, but it's not for boys...and I don't want you to become THAT kinda guy," said my mom disgusted.

"What kind of boy mom?"

"You know...the kind that-"

"Never mind mom. I'm not THAT kinda guy," I said quickly, not wanting to know what my mom thought about the kind of guys like....ME (that's just a story kinda thing....)

Acceptance is really important and I think that it starts with educating parents that being gay is NOT a phase or something that will pass on. Boys using make-up or girls shaving their head shouldn't be an issue. What you wear or who you like shouldn't be an issue. What's essential is for everyone to learn to accept people the way they are because there are billions of people on Earth and we have to accept that not all of us are/can be the same.


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