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Is it the end of an era?

Is it the Armageddon?

Armageddon we feared.

Is it the end of this era?

It is Armageddon.

Will, the poets, run out of words

and their worlds will run out of sense?

Will, the artists, paint each sky

and every pain, and run out of colors

to brush their canvas with?

One house for a thousand trees

A house with no love

A house, not home

A house as lonely as our feelings

The heart's, empty, but every single thought crosses the mind.

It's in the air; now it's in my blood

The ground is shaking; it's erupting

It's getting warmer

It's getting hotter

sinking into the sea

I can see them,

they're going crazy.

Light's getting split into seven different colors.

The wind is blowing; it's getting heavier.

It's a war, but my eyes are closed

There's a crash

I can see them,

they're dying.

Great powers, crushed

Someone's behind this

I can feel it

The truth, unleashing

Inhale, exhale

I can't think straight

locked in chains.

Don't worry; they fly away

with birds of paradise

There's just no time to die

outside, there's a war

on my mind, there's a war

humans, it's a war!

There's a war going on

but I'll just close my eyes

my words might not make sense

but I'll just write

why don't you recognize?

Just read it twice.

Is it the end?


By: Ayat Sheikh



"Is it the end of an era?" -A reference to the song 'when the world was at war before- we kept dancing' ~ LanaDelRey.Is it the Armageddon? Armageddon, we feared? Is it the end of this era? It is the Armageddon" -This shows the fear/ paranoia of the people. The fear of the world ending. Global crisis. "Will the poem run out of words, and their words not make sense anymore?" -This line is for me, sometimes I feel I do not have anything to write about, but a little break fixes it all. "One house for a thousand trees." -Deforestation, cutting down of trees. "A house with no love, a house, not a home. A house as lonely as our feelings." -What makes a house a home is love. This shows a lack of respect and warmth in some homes—broken bonds. "The hearts, empty but every single thought is crossing the mind." -This is a reference to my feelings. There was a time recently when I felt lonely and empty, but every single thought was crossing my mind. It was the worst feeling ever. "It's in the air; now it's in my blood." -COVID-19, Vishakhapatnam gas leak(7 May) "The ground is shaking." -Puerto Rico earthquake (4 June) "It's erupting." -Taal Volcano eruption (12 January) "It's getting warmer; it's getting hotter." -Australian Bush Fire "Sinking into the sea." -Indonesian  flood (1 January) "I can see them; they're going crazy." -loots "Lights getting split into seven different colors." ️ -This is to show 'RACISM' and the death of George Floyd. The seven colours together make the light similarly different races together are all humans. We're all the same. The prism separates the light like racism separates us. "The wind is blowing, and it's getting heavier." -Atlantic hurricane season (16 May-still on) "There's a crash."️ -Ukraine flight (752) crash. Deaths: 176 Survivors: 0 "I can see them; they're dying." -All the deaths, around the world. "Great powers, crushed." -The impeachment trial of Donald Trump (16 January), Death of Indian stars; Irrfan Khan (29 April) Rishi Kapoor (30 April) "Burning, screaming" -Delhi Riots (23- 29 February) Minneapolis Riots (USA) (George Floyd protests) "It's Ultraviolence" -Reference to song 'Ultraviolence' ~ LanaDelRey "I can hear sirens." -Reference Ultraviolence, sirens of Ambulances, deaths. "Someone's behind this, I can feel it. The truth, unleashing" -Anonymous, 'We Are Anonymous' "Inhale, exhale. I can't think straight, locked in chains." -Mental Health of people in Quarantine. "Don't worry; they fly away with birds of paradise." -For people who lost their loved ones due to the COVID-19 pandemic (stay safe loves) "There's just no time to die." -Reference to the song "no time to die" ~BillieEilish. Also, they're not dead, they're still alive, in our hearts. In your heart. "Outside, there's a war." -Threat: WorldWar3 "On my mind, there's a war." -Not precisely but still a reference to the song "Ride" ~ LanaDelRey. Also, the mental health and reactions of humans to the global crisis were facing. It's a war inside the mind. (The hits just keep coming) "Humans, it's a war." -1. I'm telling, 'humans, listen up it's a WAR' 2. Humans are on war against each other. "There's a war going on, but I'll just close my eyes." -To stay calm, everything is going to be okay. "My words might not make sense, but I'll just write" -People may not always understand the meaning behind everything I write, but I'll continue writing. "Why don't you recognize it? Just read it twice." -1. Reference to the song "Rare" ~ SelenaGomez.

2. If you don't understand my words, reread my words.

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