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Banning The Most Used Apps


What is china - India skirmish?

On 24th April when china established their tent in the patrol area which is a no

man’s land, India was quick to establish their own. After the military officers

communicated back and forth for 45 days and came to an agreement that

both parties would remove their tents. India followed this agreement, however,

china removed all its tents but one. When confronted by the Indian soldiers

and an officer the conversation escalated to a scuffle where a lantern fell on

the Chinese tent and caught on fire. Seeing this blaze the concerned Chinese

army ran to the patrol point and a skirmish started where 20 of the soldiers

and an officer were killed. This news spread like wildfire around the country.

Both sides got involved in a skirmish where barbs, iron rods, sticks, and

stones were used instead of arms because of the LAC signed by both

countries in 2013. After the skirmish, there was a military standoff during

which the foreign affairs minister came to an agreement that from now on

there shall not be any soldiers patrolling instead the countries would have

drones monitoring the location. Millions of teens and their family’s lives would

have been endangered if the two countries responsible for 1⁄3 of the world’s

population got into a war.

Why were 59 Chinese apps banned?

The ministry stated that the apps were banned because the mobile apps were

allegedly used for stealing user data and it was for the safety and security of

the users, this in a way has increased cyber safety for teenagers around the

country. Another reason for the ban was the tension between India and China

at the border. Ravi Shankar Prasad also termed the ban of the 59 Chinese

apps as a “digital strike” and said that India wanted peace but was capable of

giving a befitting reply to anyone who cast an evil eye on it.

What was the reaction of the users of those apps?

Each creator had their opinion about the ban but most creators didn’t waste a

the minute in giving away their Instagram or youtube user ids for the fans to

follow. However many teenagers have used various social media platforms

where they have complained about the ban and how “it doesn’t matter if a

the certain app is banned or not” but here’s the thing, the ban does make a

difference. China cost us our soldiers, so what another way than to boycott their

apps which may or may not hurt their economy but will for sure send a strong

message. Some users have also been using VPN to access these banned

apps which is an absolute shame as one is portraying that they care more

about the app than the problems at the border and the soldiers that died

fighting for us.

How has this affected teenagers?

Most teenagers spend their time on various social media platforms for long

hours, some of them being the recently banned apps. During quarantine to

escape their boredom most teens would pass their time on these apps, some

even finding it a distraction from their mental problems. However, with these

apps being banned their source of distraction/entertainment has been taken

away. Now, there’s plenty of time for a teen to overthink which is an attack on

their mental health. Well if you are one of the many teens who have suffered

from boredom/overthinking due to these apps being gone, don’t worry! There

are plenty of apps on the market that can act as alternatives for TikTok, hello,

Shein likes chingari, Instagram, Myntra and so many more!

However, on the brighter side, a ban on apps that we all were so addicted to creates new spaces for us to reach out and find our creativity! Something that we lost indulging all our time in apps. It has given teenagers way more time to leave their phones aside and do something different for once. Giving them a chance of figuring out who they are, finding new hobbies, spending more time with their families, and more.

Respecting India’s sovereignty and being a proud citizen, we should work towards doing better for the country instead of finding ways to bring back the 59 apps that are currently banned

By: Dishaa

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