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When did I learn to fear my voice? I have scars you have scars it doesn't have to be visible and even if they are don't let that overpower you! most writers enter into wounds sometimes they enter into their own often into the wounds of others and even into the wounds of the people they make up because each time they discover a huge eye-opener they find out that each wound isn't just a tear of the skin but eventually it turns out to be the most beautiful scar out there! so stop having the fear to voice up stop the fear of constant judgment the world we live in has more than 7.8 billion people if u use your entire life waiting for the judgemental to leave, then you will never come out! in a minute there are at least 34 births and 10 deaths so it's a never-ending cycle so u need to know it's okay and you should be proud of the scars you own. I was in the same position as you it was my 13th birthday which means I should have 13 wishes and all I wished for is to get rid of all the scars I own. I felt like if these come true I will finally be accepted trust me waiting doesn't get you anywhere it only turns into false hope and a waste of a lovely life. Emotional scars, we say these hid every well in us but how long does it take for me to catch them you may think to hide it is the best thing to do but later if you do get caught where does it bring you all the way back to the start. you run and hide but the words that u have heard or has been said to you is ringing in your head so loud, you bury your head so deep into yourself and let the tears stream down you feel like after crying and going deeper it will help you out but when you're stuck in too deep you realize the fall of these tears didn't wash away the hateful words the facts didn't sink down but just floating around like a boat in your ocean. stop hiding stop running you can see the boat it takes you out of this but you're letting the boat rust? don't listen to over barring voice just once you get on the boat it's going to float you across so much that you might never have got out of you, still have time to hop on and sail out. Physical or emotional scars go under the label of pain, hurt sad, etc but what if you turn into a rebel for just a bit and change some of the labels and how hard is it to peel the label it's just like a bandaid so rip it out fast and change them put these labels near beautiful inspiring, etc these are the labels they belong to its just we don't have that many rebels around to change and if everyone was a rebel the world would have somewhat a no judgmental place but not everything is perfect and that's why we learn to adjust. please listen to me don't hide don't cover don't live under the rocks come out to prove the rest wrong show them you are proud of them to show them they have no place here and live your life to the fullest enjoy and don't give a dam! you know when your old and have your own kids you can go tell show and tell them these were the battle scars I own so never be ashamed always have your head-high no matter what anyone says about the scars you have just smile and walk out because the only reason they saying is they don't have such awesome and cool scars you have which makes you look like a hero!

Written By-Siri

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