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Beautiful Inside Out

When you’re a teenager you think being a teenager would be amazing the moment you turn 13 your life will make sense, you'll feel grown-up. The 'grown-up' in your mind is ruling the world and is invincible. But when you get there it doesn't live up to your expectations. You are constantly overthinking always being a subject of body shaming, judgment, and many others. But, all of these are done by you, no one else you judge and torment yourself. It’s like you are never enough for yourself. Sometimes you just want to be loved, want to be called beautiful, you want to know to mean something to someone and that you are cared for. But you need to understand that unless you know that you are worth EVERY GOD DAMN DIME in this world you will never be enough for yourself. You need to love yourself first to be able to make peace with yourself and be confident. Because beauty isn't only how you look it’s the confidence you have and most importantly your beautiful personality. These are the two things that matter much more than how you look.


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