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Bright Colors

It is arduous to grow up in Indian society due to all the pressures and goals parents put on their children at an early age. Certain expectations have to be met and multiple norms that cannot be broken without drastic consequences. The LGBTQ+ community has become a breach of these “norms” and “expectations” present in society. Many Gen X parents have homophobia, not the scare of people that are homosexual, but the scare of their children being homosexual. Perhaps, if this topic was discussed more, then it could be celebrated. Coming out should be celebrated, when all the colors of your rainbow shine.

Those colors and that brightness within you should not and cannot be taken away by some people and their flawed ideas of virtues of moral values. Start talking, discussing, and celebrating, so that together we can make new norms, break down, and rebuild the erroneous order of society today. By doing this we can help many frantic teenagers become bold and confident with who they are. Together let’s help others shine bright with their vibrant colors 🌈


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