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Corrective Teen Rape

What Is it?

Homophobic violence begins to build at a young age in today's society. It ranges from aggressive, sustained psychological bullying to physical assault, torture, kidnapping and targeted killings. Its crime, a human right violation, human privacy is not invaded or destroyed for pleasure, in most urban and rural areas on today's world, homophobes seem to commit to torture and violence only out of spite and unacceptance.

Young people are being raped in every street, public park, schools and private homes on the pretext of trying to “cure” their victims of homosexuality.

Bicuriosity Is Accepted

When teenagers are first exposed to the idea of the will to engage with a person who is the same sex, they often tend to push down their feelings, to not be rejected by society.

Exploring or being curious about your sexuality and attractions aren't something to be ashamed of at any age. The very thought of attracted to the same gender frightens some of us at a young age, we fear being unaccepted, ignored and left humiliated.

People may hate you for being different or for not living by societies standards, but deep down, they wish they had the courage to do the same. Bicuriosity is your thought, bisexuality is your will. Begin by accepting yourself, others will follow.

This is so “gay”

The extensive ill-use of the sexuality of being “gay” in today's world or modern slang, has successfully altered the very meaning of identifying as gay. Young teenagers find it rather cool to us sexuality as an everyday slang, clearly showing the lack of collective understanding wherein “gay” means alien, embarrassing, stupid, or wrong.

Promoting homophobia consciously and subconsciously, further creating an environment for indifferences and violence against those part of the LGBTQ+ community.

Being the youth, more connected to media and open to changes, using one word, makes us a part of the herds of homophobic extremists,

while we still for some reason support the LGBTQ+ community? This does not only make you a homophobe but also a hypocrite.

Gender-based violence

Acts of gender-based violence are driven by people who have a desire to punish those who violate gender norms. Now, one does not need to be lesbian, gay bisexual or transgender to be prone to attack, only the mere perception of homosexuality puts one on the radar or homophobic violence. The world finds interest in defining one's sexuality, attaching labels, once you violate sexual norms, it becomes a defining characteristic and becomes the first thing people think about when you are mentioned, all your other traits are suppressed by your own will to be sexually different.

What makes the LGBTQ community so powerful and strong is their will to live, their dreams for a better tomorrow and their constant efforts to equalize gender norms.

Right to self-identity

Today, corrective violence is being fed by every nation civil servants, families, peers who victimize teenagers part of the LGBTQ+ community or campaign for those part of it, turning a blind eye, leaving lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and intersex teenagers prone to ill-treatment. Some forms of involuntary medical treatment may also be tantamount to torture, including anal examinations of gay men to “prove” their homosexuality, unwanted sterilization of transgender people and forced electric shock therapy intended to “change” someone’s sexual orientation

Being a human, each one is given the right to self-identify, giving us the freedom to find our own sexual identity. Don't waste another second of your life locked in a closet of fear and shame, life's short and you deserve better.

365 days of PRIDE

Are 30 days enough to fight for an eternity of lesbian, gay, bisexual and intersexual people? While they are tortured an abused and beaten to death?

  • Make sure you and those around you have zero tolerance for any form of homophobic or transphobic violence, including aggressive and threatening verbal abuse.

  • Speak out and report all such violence, even when it does not regard you directly.

  • If you or your friends or family members were a victim of hate-motivated violence alert UN human rights.

No one deserves to be treated the world treats binary gender groups, they deserve to live as much as any other person. Respect, love and share each one's feelings and thoughts.

Written By: Tesu Agarwal

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