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Don't Bomb my Parade

I was born into a family of 4- my mum, dad, and sister. My mum is supportive of my coming out as pansexual and gender fluid, but my dad kinda thinks its all a big joke and that I'm just trying to get more attention. My sister says that she doesn't care as long as I marry a "rich man" and sometimes she likes to talk shit about the pride community IN FRONT OF MY FACE. This one time, she told me that if she were president, she would bomb the pride parade... and I guess I just didn't feel safe in my own home for a while... my mom still thinks I'm just curious... but I've been holding this secret for 3 years now... and they all still don't know I'm gender fluid...

I don't wanna tell them either... I don't wanna know how they'll react.

Especially my sister. She once caught me kissing a girl and she beat the living shit outta me. I don't really remember what happened the night. My mom was away for business... my dad doesn't live with us, so we were alone and I invited my girlfriend over. My sister who had gone to a party came home earlier than expected and walked in on us making out. She told my girlfriend to go home and then... I kinda blacked out after a few punches as my body is naturally really weak. I woke up in the upstairs bathroom naked on the floor with "l**** b****" and "w****" words written across my chest.

When my mom came home after that weekend my sister said I got beat up by some bullies at school and I was just so scared of her that I went along with the lie.

After a year, my mom walked into my sister beating me up cause my girlfriend posted a picture of me and her kissing and my sister didn't like that.

After that, we talked- all three of us and my mom decided the best option was to send me to my aunt's as my mom didn't want to involve child services. It wasn't much better at first cause I barely knew my aunt and my girlfriend had just broken up with me cuz SHE cheated on ME with a GUY. But my aunt- who's a therapist- wasn't so bad... we had a lot of sessions, and I'm better now. The kids at my new school are very accepting too and I don't get bullied anymore. I visit my mum for a week each month and that's about it.

I'm still pretty scared of my sister, but now, I'm 16 and proud. I have a wonderful boyfriend who is so accepting and a great aunt and a loving mum and I guess that's all I need for now.

It's not anything special... it's quite a horrid story actually, I just wanted to get it out of my system.

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