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Someone who'd Never Give Up

As we grow up and go through our rough teen years, we start thinking our parents won’t understand our problems, we don’t go to them for help. We either chose to go through our problems alone or ask a friend.

However, our friends haven’t seen the world as much as our parents have. Their advice might help you, or they might just lead you to the wrong path. It’s important for us to realize, they’re our parents, they love us. They’ve seen us since we were born. No one understands us better. They have seen us grow; they were with us. They know you, trust me they do. It’s important for us to appreciate them, not just them appreciating us. What’s surprising is, even if we don’t, they won’t mind. Although we would have.

When I was at my worst, I was broken, confused, everyone had given up on me. I had given up on myself. My parents didn’t scream at me, instead they held their head high, and though me how to hold mine up too. My parents didn’t give up on me, I know they never will.

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