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Pinch of Self-Love

We often get pressured due to peer pressure and the fear of failing. In fact, these days no one really ever cares but what they do care about is embarrassing themselves when they do fail. A few days before I saw a Kobe Bryant’s interview where he expressed himself and talked about the embarrassment he faced when he shot 5 airballs on national TV. He said ‘It’s not about you man. Get over yourself, no one really cares.’ People really do not care. Obviously, people will be looking to pull you down, but their aim is to make you believe that you are weak. But in the end it is always your mind and your life, and you believe what you want to. The acceptance of others plays a very minor role in our life. I know that you are trying to fit in, and you expect people to like you and accept you. The point here is that you have low self-esteem because you have still not learned to love yourself and the self-acceptance part has not been done.

Most of us want something from life. All of us have what it takes and we all ‘can do it’ but ‘we will not do it’ because we are way too weak to get up from our comfort zone. All our life we keep asking ourselves what went wrong and why we did not adhere to the deadline. We lack self-love among ourselves and for example, if you are going through an unloved phase the main reason was that you did not love yourself. ‘Ain’t no love no love to be given’. It is simple we do waste our time because we do not love ourselves enough.

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