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He called me FLAT

A girl's worst fear nowadays is being called flat. If your body is flat no guy will like you. It's honestly the worst when your friends joke about how 'flat you are' they constantly tease you as they plainly say, 'dude you have no ass' or 'your chest is so small.' Whenever my friends would say I was flat I would defend myself, go against the facts. I just would do anything to convince myself and those around me that I wasn't flat.

One day a looked at me and then whispered something to his group of guy friends. I had no idea what he had said. Although I was curious about what he might have said so I went and asked one of the guys in that group. I still remember his face, I could see how hesitant he was to tell me but finally, he told me. That guy was joking about how 'flat I was’. I was shocked this was a completely new thing no guy had ever made fun of my body. I was so mad, how dare he tell all his friends that I was flat and laugh about it. He was BODY SHAMING me. His exact words were 'dude she has nobody look at her.' I was so annoyed who was he to talk about my body and make fun of it. I wanted to go scream at him, but I was too scared if this time he might just say it to my face. What would I do then? I chose to be quiet instead of being humiliated in front of my whole grade. Months passed as I compared my body to other girl's bodies. I had started hurting myself due to all the hate I had towards MY OWN BODY. The following month one of my friends said to me again 'dude you have no ass.' I was angry, why are my friends constantly making fun of my body? Why do they constantly tell me how flat I am? I was so furious that day I spoke back to my friend and said, "oh please your body is way flatter than mine.” Immediately she got defensive and staring arguing back. I was surprised she was as thin as me she knew that, but she hated it when someone called her flat, as much as I did. I came to realise when any one of my friends was called flat, they all got defensive. Everyone hated it.

It took me a while, but I realised girls (not only just my circle of friends) hate being called flat (from my experience). We start hating our bodies if we don’t have that perfect curvy body. But why do we even take 'flat' as an insult? What’s wrong with being flat? I took a second and asked myself that and I realised that I don't really have any problem being flat.

Being flat is NOT a flaw I need to fix or be ashamed. I love and respect my body now and I honestly could not be happier.

-Sharvari Prakash

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