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You are no healer, u cannot heal me!

Stop! For a second, listen to your heartbeat and catch your breath. Let a wave of calmness wash over you.

Pain, War, Trauma. Find peace within in it, because tranquility is only found amidst the chaos. Sometimes life may feel like a never-ending circle, a constant cycle. You wish to end it but you're not sure. How to stop it. How to change it. In the end, you believed you've conquered it. only for it to makes its presence overbearing, suffocating, capable of bringing you to your knees. It may not look as good or sound that great as u though but if you don't live with it you're making it hard for urself!

Listen I don't intend any harm. I'm here to show you what you're doing wrong and I can help walk out of it. I know at the start u have trust issues feel like you're falling for a trap full of embarrassment but I won't let that happen because I know how it feels. And the only reason I'm doing this is that I have gone the wrong ways a hundred times even after many people telling me don't we're here to help I though as well its a trap but trust me people don't just walk into your life without any reason, Could be to pull u down lift u but u need to take the risk I took it some great amazing people understood me and knew how to help me. Just give it a shot and see how it changes things in u and around u, and Maybe one day you can even write your own story and that story could help others u might change something very big in someone's life. And I know in the end someone else makes a choice and leaves you to figure it out but don't worry u think you're alone but you're not!

"You see what I do but forget why I do it, your ignorance can be the pain in me I know I explode on you sometimes, explode on the inside and at times all at once" I have said these things I have felt it all and it. and I know it hurts and it happens often but you know how to get back up.

You may think your fragile as glass but look back and see if u were weak or fragile as glass but look back and see if u were weak or fragile u wouldn't have come this far, I'm not giving u false hope if someone else was in your position they wouldn't be able to handle it would take them years to come to where u stand. they might give up but you know that u try and try and u do reach to the top and to me I see a winner standing in front of me! Life is like a huge tornado we try to escape it, STOP trying to escape you only lose energy in you. Don't try to escape you just need to live in it to survive it. And in all that spinning off the tornado right in the middle, you're there and u can let the tornado overpower u and rule u or u choose what happens in the tornado and how it will affect you. When u have a story it doesn't mean the most gut-wrenching thing should be defining you the story the entire cycle defines u not the part that brought u down. And remembers no one gets to decide who u are Did you know tornadoes in space is how stars are formed? tornadoes are hard to survive in space and they are so dangerous but with risk and hard work, it makes a huge star! People can climb mountains ,they can jump paths to tell u that u don't know how to live life but no one can tell who and what you will be; they can not break inside of you. So follow me I can take u down the right way it's gonna be hard but u need to work towards it otherwise it won't help u I can hold your hand and walk u till only one point and then u need to survive u got a big world out there I can drop u I can lead the way but I can't survive it for u just don't end your statement to the loved ones by saying you can not heal me you are no healer. if you come with me and listen we can change the statement to I don't need a healer. I'm here to heal you.

Written By - Siri

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