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I couldn't take it anymore

People lied to me and took advantage of me. I kept friends in my life who weren’t very nice to me at all. Constantly being put down and walked over was something I had become used to at the time. My friends and I were a group of 6 and we would always hang out together. Although everyone thought we were extremely close. I was excluded from all the plans and parties they attended. They would walk all over me and put me down in front of people who tried to talk to me. I needed to get away from the toxicity but I wasn't ready for all the hate that would come my way and all the rumours that would spread all over the school and maybe to the others too. I, as a person, was an extremely social person and used to easily make friends of all age groups. This did not do me a favour in the view of my situation. There was jealousy all around me. The rumours my friends had made were making it uncomfortable to interact with anyone new since the topic always ended up being brought up. Every time I had an encounter with my friends, it left me feeling emotionally exhausted and incapable of being "like them". There was a time when I tried to stand up for myself so they would stop invalidating my feelings but they victimised themselves instead. This was exactly when I knew this had to stop. This was the toxicity I couldn't take anymore. They try to control you by guilt-tripping you and I cannot stress enough how it was the worst experience with anyone I have ever had. They gave me backhanded compliments and were overly defensive about every little detail. Lack of support and invalidating your problems is a sign of toxic friendships and I suggest you fix them immediately before it turns into something much worse.

Written By - Anonymous

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