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I Want to Know

Finding out you like people of the same gender is scary for most queer people. I found out when I was in the 7th grade when I started liking my best friend of ONE year. I hated it. I was separated from all my earlier friends in the second year of my new school. I didn't know how to handle the situation so I stopped talking to her and all our friends. I became very lonely and might have considered suicide because of my self-hatred. I couldn't believe I liked girls. I projected that hatred towards other people and closed off from them. then I was put in a group project and I and this other guy from my class started chatting over emails. I told him that I hated myself and thought all other people did too. he was shocked and assured me that no one hated me and asked his friends to tell me they didn't hate me. I finally opened up more and made new friends. 3 years later, I have an amazing group of friends, very supportive, some who are queer too and have finally made peace with my ex-best friend

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