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The silence, the standstill life and liters of suppressed emotions gave birth to an immortal virus inside me. One which clogged my chest and arteries, put me on inhalers and pills, and reduced my blood count to a level where doctors were left alarmed and shook.

It's been 3 years, since I was told to enjoy my life to the fullest as I'm now a teenager, but how could I?. I spent these 3 years growing into a mature girl, with my mother living in another city, I picked my first bra alone, learnt how to cook, learnt how to dress, study and behave like a “girl” alone. I spent these last 3 years becoming independent, became immune to emotions as to me it seemed like an idea that would always leave me broken.

Even though I tried my best to shut out every single thing people said about me, they fed the virus, killing me on the inside. With no one to talk to I cried myself to sleep every night but put on a mask with a fake smile everyday. Because of the face I was asked to put on at every family gathering and every day at school, people never saw what I was going through but saw the outside and chose to make unimaginable assumptions and rumors spread faster than the time this growing virus gave me to recover.

They said i wasn't enough, I don't have the right friends, I don't belong here. “She's dumb” they said “she's not capable of doing this well” why? I asked, they said because “ your clothes are too short and see the pimples on your face, see how thin you are","how does that matter?" I asked, "girls like you don't go anywhere in life", they said. Trying to show concern, “if things aren't normal at home, why don't you talk to us about it ?” they asked, “because i'm told to keep it a secret, because it's unacceptable to our society ” I answered. They're words helped the virus breed inside me until the point where it controlled me instead of my brain, it had no vaccination to cure.

Every word one says, every sentence one structures and speaks out aloud matters, it makes a difference. Hence, I beg you to think before you speak, your words could help this immortal virus breed in someone else, tearing apart their life.

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