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It's an Unwanted Phase

He gave you flowers

He held your hand, somehow, he made you feel beautiful mixed with some special

He sent you such beautiful, cute messages

He held your hand so tight

His hugs were the best

Everything was perfect

Then he dumped you

You miss him

He doesn’t talk to you

He acts like he doesn’t know you

He left you feeling ugly and alone

He didn’t bother asking if you were okay

He said it was your fault and you blindly believed him

Crying for hours in your room, hurting yourself, scrolling through pics and messages hoping he’ll come back

Listening to all the depressing songs

You then find out he used you

Still, you care about him

Still, you hurt yourself, it helps you somehow

Still, you hope, you just wish he’ll come back

You shut out all your friends, you don’t listen to them, you say they don’t understand

He sees you cry but he walks past you, showing you, you were nothing

The panic attacks start coming in, you're so confused about what’s going on, this never happened before.

It took me a year to realize it’s just a high school relationship. He’s just a guy. He’s not the most important person in your life. Yes, maybe he was amazing he made you happy. Although you were happy without him before.

I went through a harsh one year hurting myself, shutting out people who care about me. I’m lucky, I had friends to pull me out of that mess. They reminded me it was just a high school relationship, to remind me I shouldn’t care about someone who acts like I’m nobody and caused me so much pain, They reminded me you don’t need that person to feel beautiful of happy. High school breakups can cause a lot of pain and even lead to depression. We need to learn when to draw the line.

Remember it's just a high school relationship, it's not the end of the world.

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