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Just a Dream

“She wants something that everyone wants, something that she can’t have. Happiness, love, that perfect image of a ‘teenage life’, friends, parties, all she wants is to be free and beautiful and she judge herself based on the size her waistline, and she can’t see past the image she sees in a mirror. She puts everything into something, everything she has into someone, knowing that it’s going to rip her apart and those empty promises will haunt her forever, she put up a wall, one so strong, that when it comes tumbling down her whole world crumbles. She acts like something she’s not, wanting, hoping for approval, like those girls she sees on the internet, until a point where she become them. And she hurts so much on the inside staring at an iPhone screen, faking a smile, while watching other life their lives waiting for a call that she knows will never come. They build up her hopes, just to shatter them in the end, she’s so lonely, that she never feels like herself anywhere in this cruel little world. Her smile no more reaches her eyes, and heart forgot to trust and forgot how it is be loved. And she’s so angry, she can’t take it anymore, her heads hurt, and her bed is wet from tears. if you get to know her she is exquisite, one of a kind, a hidden smile that could light up a room, she’s so funny, if you get to know her she will never let you down if you hold her hand even once. She wants things too, she wants to go to college, she wants a family, she wants to be happy, she just wants to be loved don’t take that away from her, show her kindness, loving isn’t so hard, do it before it’s too late, and she takes her final breath, as she gives in to those voices in her head”

- Anki

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