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Just a Few Pounds Extra

Every teenager faces their own share of struggles, mine was an overwhelming sense of under confidence, because of my weight. I was an overweight kid, and till I realized I could be judged on the basis of such a menial thing, it never affected me. Once I shifted to a new school, all I could think of was losing weight, only because I was scared no one would like or talk to me. every time someone even slightly hinted at my weight, I would feel like breaking down and just crying till it’s all over. I would attempt to not eat for days, I would work out without having any energy in me, I would cry every single day just wanting to be slim and skinny. Eventually I found I sport I actually liked and did not go everyday with just a purpose of losing weight, but rather to actually learn. I would go every day, just to get better at it. I would practice at home and eat properly so I could play well the next day. Eventually, I lost about 6-7 kilograms in less than 2 years. However proud I was of myself, that insecurity I had stayed with me. I still feel horrible when I eat more than I should or miss working out. I know I still don’t have the ideal body shape; I am trying though. I still don’t feel that its right that any teenager has to go through anything just because of their weight. A few pounds extra are what society judges someone on and I think that’s wrong.

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