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Just Listen

Most of our fights comprise of you yelling at me, me trying to state my valid opinion, and then you cutting me off before I could even finish, telling me that I shouldn't 'talk back'. if I were to simplify it, 'talking back' is when I state my opinion, that you either don't like or agree with, thus you shut me up, and let me sit alone with my thoughts and wishes. As I'm wishing you cared enough to understand, wishing you were patient enough to hear me out, you complain about not knowing your children anymore, not knowing who they have become, or who they will become.

maybe, just maybe if you sat down with us, and let us talk for once. let us talk about how we feel. how we feel about you making choices for us, jumping to conclusions without hearing us, claiming to not know us, only because you never let us. sometimes we just need someone to hear us. just. listen.


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