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Need to Fit in

Peer pressure is one of the contributing factors leading to mental weakness through bullying. All around us, teens are bullied every day over the smallest things, but may even lead to fatal and risky business such as drugs and alcohol. Surely, our friend's influences aren't always negative, but one thing may lead to another and the next thing you know is that there's lies, gossip, and rumors about us. A lot of my own friends have gone through a whole lot of distress due to their so-called friends because they've been blackmailed into hate posts on social media and leaking private information. I think the most fatal and incredibly disastrous factor leading to all of this is the societal norms. Kids all over give in to peer pressure to "fit in". They dread the fact that their group of "friends" would judge them or make fun of their decisions. They don't want to be excluded, most importantly. But we've got to change this since it's lead to a whole lot of hate, and people are more in

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