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Longing Freedom

I would like to share a common problem that teenagers, specifically girls) face in day to day life. As Indians, a lot of us tend to have over-protective parents or parents who are protective to some extent (not stereotyping here). We may disagree with some of their ideas of “being safe” as a girl or “wearing the right clothes“ or “texting only girls”. The truth is, none of these benefit anyone or do anything good for us in the long run. All it does it decrease a woman’s self-confidence, degrade herself in society, and make her feel inferior to others around her. These rules have been embedded in the Indian household for ages. But guess what? It’s 2020, and it’s about time there are some changes made in the world. People's mindsets should change. Girls deserve the freedom they should’ve gotten years ago. From arranged marriages that are done against the girl's will, to rapes every fifteen minutes in our country, it’s time to tweak our Indian culture a bit. I’m not saying don’t follow your culture, I’m telling you to only incorporate the best from it to your values. But please don’t disobey your parents, tell them the facts and convince them.

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