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Love a Soul

To understand that we need to talk about what do I mean by your soul and what is love. Well by definition “an intense feeling of deep affection.” “great interest and pleasure in something.” Yea that doesn’t make that much sense. Love doesn’t have a definition it changes from person to person. Ike someone might find time-wasting and others the best thing ever. How is your soul connected to love? You the person reading this you don’t love someone because they look good or get good marks or if their kind You love them because you feel that your soul has a connection with there's. Us as humans have been exposed to love for a long time.

From songs to movies to books. Love is everywhere this is because love sells. I mean that love is a thing that attracts our soul to it. You might not even feel it but it does happen to everyone. If you don’t believe me go through your music playlist and just see how many songs have a theme of romance or have some relevance to love. There's a lot because it sells the best. Now let's talk about the soul. What's the soul? “soul-spiritual or immaterial part of a human being or animal, regarded as immortal. Emotional or intellectual energy or intensity, especially as revealed in a work of art or an artistic performance.”

it might sound confusing but, simply, every action you do has a reaction but you don’t when it's going to come but your soul knows. Right now, your soul is you. You need to make you the soul and let your inner self come out. This happens when you meditate, relax things about stuff which people don’t think about. Let's take this example. Why are you reading this? If you think hard you will get to know. If you didn’t get the answer it's fine. One day you will find all your answers. How love affects your soul. If you have a strong soul you will be ready for any situation. A weak soul would easily be hurt by anything. You need to be a strong soul. You grow by age, your soul grows by spirituality levels there 4-5. in brief, I will explain. 1.”A complete absence of awareness and connection to your spiritual self.” This means that you know your soul exist but you don’t do anything about it. 2.“A recognition or remembrance that there is more than the material world.” this means you accept what the universe I do to you but you control most of the stuff. 3. Spiritual curiosity – a thirst to find out more about the spirit and our spiritual self. Here you are into your high self. You sell your soul to the universe but you let the universe flow through you without any of your inputs. 4. “Spiritual curiosity – a thirst to find out more about the spirit and our spiritual self”. This means that you have mastered spirituality and you have finished life any succeeded. To obtain this level of honesty takes literal magic.

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