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"Mean Girls"

"personality over popularity " you say. I completely agree with you on that. Your personality matters. Although I don't stand with you when you twist it around and simply assume that if someone is popular then they have a trash personality. They become the "mean girls " in your grade even though you don't know them. Let me be very clear if you had spent your time trying to talk to them other than gossiping about them and throwing hate just maybe you would have realized. How do you expect them to talk to you when you refuse to. You start looking at stuff like your in a dramatic movie and how those popular girls will ruin your life, steal your boyfriend, embarrass you. You hate them and be mean to them all because they have more followers than you? You have problems in life and it's nothing different for them. They're not immune to problems because of their so-called "popularity" If you get to know them maybe you would realize that they don't care about the popularity, in fact, they don't even think about it as much as you do.

You say all these phrases but why don't say don't judge someone by their followers or rumors? What's wrong with that.

They don't think of you as a "lower standard" they think of you as their classmate. Why can't you think of them like that instead of calling them the "popular gang"

You assume so many stuff that they are mean to everyone, only clear about looks and guys, that they're dumb. You don't really care about their personality, do you?

I don't mean to offend anyone. I've just seen so many posts about popularity and I just want to tell you the other side of the story. Cause somehow no one talks about it.

I'm not saying be nice to popular people only. I'm not even saying popularity matters. I'm saying sometimes people don't ask for popularity. If you didn't know popularity comes with a package of hate, that you give them. All I want to say in everyone deserves to be spoken to nicely, no one deserves so much hate.

How about from now we treat others with kindness and respect regardless of how many followers they have on Instagram. Everyone deserves a chance. We're all teenagers, we all have our problems.

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