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Todays Gender Roles

Gender roles today have relaxed a bit, but they’re still very constrictive and oppressive. For example, females are generally associated with being gentle, caring, and passive and males are the breadwinners of the family and are expected to be stoic and show no emotions. I think this is a bit much.

Guys can be caring and soft and girls can be the ones earning for their family. Your gender shouldn’t determine what you do. I have been told so many times to change my posture or the way I talk. Why does one have to identify as a particular gender? Is it not okay to be who you want to be? Some people may physically be born as one gender but mentally feel like another gender and vice versa. Your hair, clothing style, and whether or not you wear make-up shouldn’t be a determinant of your gender. I have been asked why I was standing in the girl’s line in theatres and what not just because I have short hair and I honestly don’t give a shit, but there are some people out there who are sensitive to this stuff and I hope we can make people more comfortable on the matter of their gender. I’ve noticed that people become awkward around people who are different from the norms of society and it breaks my heart that the sexual preferences or gender preferences of a person are a basis of judgment. I just wanted to say that there are all kinds of people and acceptance is the key to including all kinds of people.

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