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My Name is not my Sexuality

Yeah, I’m that bisexual dude. Or that gay guy. Or that lesbian girl, and I’m ok with being those things. I’m pretty sure you’re ok with me being those things too. But imagine if I was straight. Or “like everyone else”. How would you find a label for me then? What would my title be?

Would you maybe call me by my actual name? Or treat me like I wasn’t a classifiable species or human?

look, we know that you're happy for us. for coming out. for being strong. for finally showing our true colors. but that doesn't give you the right to take our sexuality and turn it into my only personality trait. I am not my sexuality. my sexuality is not my name. why is it that every discussion that I'm involved in is about my sexuality. is that all that my character is made of? why is it that every joke you make, you alter, just to say, "oh I meant boys AND girls."

you think you're normalizing things that way, but you aren't. we've felt out of place all our lives, and now that we have finally come out, and felt that inner peace; you constantly force us into this box, which only allows my sexuality to define me. treat me the same way you treated me before I came out, and stop making my sexuality our only topic of discussion. we want to be treated normally. we want you to call us by our name, not our sexuality.


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