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My Quarantine

It’s been around 3 months or so since we’ve gone into lockdown and quarantine started, although most of the time I was engulfed with school or school work I did feel quite bored and lost as if I had nothing to do. My days had become blurred, I spent most of my day sleeping and didn’t do anything productive for a very long time.  After my online classes would end I would normally nap and then binge something on Netflix until my eyes wore out, not revising or doing anything constructive.

This was quite stressful for me and I was irritated and annoyed most of the time and I soon felt quite useless. So when summer started I was determined to get into a routine where every day I could go to sleep knowing I did something of substance that day, so I drafted a plan (my method of getting me to actually doing things) of my interests and studies and how I was going to pursue them in the next month and a half. I made sure I jotted down attainable goals and that they weren’t only study-oriented since this is my summer break.

This method helped me so much in becoming a little more productive and providing some structure to my day. Although I may not have spent all day being productive, it was the small things like learning a new language, learning a dance , finishing a chapter in one of my school subjects or miraculously reading a book  at the end of that day I felt much better and relaxed then I had ever been before.


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