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One in a Seven Billion

When we were kids we used to dream. We used to have all these crazy, joyful dreams about what we would become when we grow up. Doctors, engineers, lawyers, actors, cricketers, footballers, dancers, singers, whatnot? Yes some of us had many dreams back then but some of us just had one. We always just wanted to be that one thing when we grow up. Although when we became teenagers we simply classified some of our dreams as impossible. How can we not when people around us tell us it’s all about luck. They tell us there as 7 billion people out there and it's practically impossible for us to be chosen out of all those people. We listen to them. We give up on our passion, our dreams. This happens so quickly if you want to become an actor, singer, dancer, or maybe something related to sports. We're teenagers and high school is the time where reality kicks in and all are dreams are pushed aside. Although they don’t need to be. You should believe that you can be that 1 person in 7 billion people who get selected and don't let anyone change your mind. How can we just give up without trying? It's not easy don’t get me wrong. You will fail. You will fail multiple times. But you’ll get right back up.

Can we stop letting others tell us what we can become? Can we stop letting others crush our dreams? You have a dream, you have a passion. You go after it. Put all your hard work in. We're teenagers, were in high school, this is the time where our dreams meet reality and we have a chance to make them come true.

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