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This is my Unique

A problem I faced and still face is that I am one of those people that do not have a phone. It’s really hard but I found ways to manage. I did feel excluded a lot of the time and I wouldn’t know what to do. My friends would always be talking about things they saw on Instagram yesterday or that interesting conversation they had yesterday on the phone. They are always discussing when we should group call next. Finally, after what seemed like years my parents allowed me to get Instagram, it’s not exactly what I wanted but pretty close. It thinks that people need to be more accepting of people that do not have phones. I understand though, why my parents didn’t want me to get a phone, a lot of my friends are obsessed with theirs and I’m happy with my parents’ choice. I really thought they just wanted to ruin my life, but now I realize that it was all for my benefit. But the struggle in school to keep up is a bit hard, but I’m ok with it. This is the major problem I face as a teen. This is connected to peer pressure. You might not really want something but if everyone around you has it you tend to want it too. It thinks this Is a problem many teenagers face and that people need to realize that it's ok to not be like everyone else.

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