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Promise Me

It feels like your life is over. You won’t get through this. There’s no way out. This is the end.

Except it really isn’t. You’re just a teenager, your just 13. We make mistakes, it’s fine. We change, we learn. That’s what makes us adults right? You have dreams that still need to come true. You are stronger than this, way stronger. So, promise me no matter how hard it gets. You won’t let those people who did this to you win. You won’t suicide, you won’t give up. Instead you smile right at them, you move on. You show them how irrelevant they are. It’s not easy but you can do it because doing this makes you much stronger than you were yesterday.

Remember: There’s more to life, you’re just a teenager. Don’t let them take away the most beautiful years ahead of you. Never suicide, never even think of leaving this world behind. I don't want you to and I'm sure there are others who don't want u to go.

-Just A Teen

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