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Race to Equality

Living in the 21st century, brought about not one but numerous social issues the most prevalent being that of gender discrimination, gender equality, victimization, and at last “feminism”. Having given the freedom of access to social media, suddenly every human is now a “feminist” and if not you receive every inch of hate, shame, and abuse from this society, labeled ignorant and disrespectful. The human race is so blinded by this idea that they fail to see the bigger picture, what actually needs to be redefined in this modern-day, what should be fighting for- gender equality.

The culture, which is so deeply shadowed by the gender binary, only notices two genders, men and women. every woman lives with an embedded fear of being a victim of rape culture, domestic violence, and sexual assault. Some who decide to voice their story, a real instance that caused them mental trauma, some that lead to death are being asked to keep quiet for the sake of their name in society. Every man has an untold story or has been falsely accused just because he is a man, this society immediately convicts him as guilty, the aggressor. further leading to innocent suicides out of embarrassment from the judgmental eyes of the community, nevertheless, they have the right to identity.

However, the world entitles over 58 genders, who unintentionally fall under the non-binary society, where oppression, unacceptance, humility reaches them from every corner of the normal society. While, Genderqueers are denied the right to identity, fight against health, legal and workplace discrimination, the ideal human rights. They remain neglected. 13% of India's population falls under the LGBTQ community, yet they remained closeted until the year 2018 learning acceptance, living in the fear of aggressive actions of homophobic families. To whom one being homosexual brought shame to the family's name. Furthermore, American advocates tracked 26+ cases of violence against transgenders in the year 2019, where these victims worked ordinary jobs and were killed by their own acquaintances and family members, clearly stating an anti-transgender bias.

While men and women aggressively fight a parallel war, objectifying women and criminalizing men in order to showcase superiority over one gender, genderqueers are further weighed down by societal pressure and their voices remain unheard. Their stories remain untold. They remain a minority- uncared for. Feminists strive for women's rights, misandrists advocate for those of men, no one to be the voice for the transgender community. Hence, should we be fighting for our gender undermining the opposite or should we be fighting for gender equality?

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