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Racism Redefined

Racism has been going on for a long time and it's very much still there. We often refer to it as something that happened before but that's not true. We have to admit its carried on from our past and is currently in our present. If we don't act now it will surely carry on to our future. People claim not to be racist when they are. Let me tell YOU ARE BEING COMPLETELY RACIST when you get scared of that back person who is standing next to you. When you tighten your fist because you assume that the black people standing next to you will hurt you. You're still being racist when you say black lives matter but at the same time say white people's lives just matter more.

We don't understand why this issue is still present after so many years. It's just color. Every color is beautiful. Back is as beautiful as white. To make it even more clear being black is beautiful, not ugly. So don't say you will ignore their color cause its ugly and try to focus more on their personality. See their color as just a beautiful skin color nothing else. It tells you nothing else.

When someone makes fun of their color they try to ignore it. When someone shows so much hate towards them for their color and kill hem for it. They've crossed the line. This is can't be ignored anymore.

The bottom line is we're all humans. No human gets to be treated differently just because of their color is not the same as yours.

Were teenagers, were the future. The world we live in currently promotes RACISM. If we want to live for a better future in a different world. Then let's work towards change. Sign petitions, donate, spread awareness. Speak up. Every sentence you say, you type matters.

Use your voice, it's your greatest weapon.

-Just A Teen

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