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See Past my Body

It's been a month and the only compliments I've gotten are related to MY BODY. I don't understand is this because I'm a girl. Maybe I didn't have the time to notice that this has been going on for my whole life. Being stuck at home made me realize this. People constantly call me thicc or curvy or maybe sometimes flat (I take flat as a compliment). Although why do all these compliments have to be related to my body? Why is it that every time someone compliments me its related to my body? There's more to me than my body. My personality, what I do in life. Don't people notice that? Cause now it feels like they can't see past my body. I've started to question if this happens cause I'm a girl. Though gender roles have relaxed a bit over the years. Still, people think the most important thing for women is her body. Or maybe for a man too I'm not sure. I can't say no guys have gone through this. Although I know for sure most girls go through this. In fact, whenever most girls compliment each other it's always related to their bodies I might be a girl, but you don't need to compliment my body or make fun of it. It's mine. There are so many other things about me so I request you to open your eyes. Be a little smarter.

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