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Everyone was always one step ahead of me so, most of the times I felt like I was stupid or dumb. There was something about me that I’m still not really sure of that makes everyone gravitate away from me. It like you have problems with one person and suddenly everyone

at school hates you. Although that may not be entirely true, I did always feel like no one ever truly liked me and good friends were so hard to make. I constantly felt like I was

intoxicated by the people who were around me because they made it so hard for me to

really believe in and love myself.

I’ve always been a little too sensitive, but I guess that’s ok because that’s a huge part of who

I am. Maybe that’s the reason why a lot of people feel like I’m weak or something.

Personally, I think that people have a wrong idea of what toughness means. Everyone thinks

that being a badass is cool and that being strong really means not showing or having any

emotions. I believe that being strong really means having the courage to vulnerably express

your emotions not tucking them away somewhere.

How is it that when you do one mistake your labelled for life? I’ve been called dumb several

times in my life and what I’m just supposed to brush it off? Getting a lower grade than a few

people shouldn’t define my IQ. This very judgement has costed me a lot in my life especially

friends. People don’t seem to understand that what they say can affect other people

especially the way they feel about themselves. In a world filled with so much pressure

typically the one place that doesn’t come from is yourself. But because of your stupid

opinions now pressure has started coming from there too. You don’t understand that the

simplest things sometimes can hurt someone in a way it could never hurt you.

The boy you turned away from your group has now joined a gang of drug dealers. The girl

you said was to fat and ugly to be part of your “popular” squad has now stopped eating.

What I’m trying to say that we should all have our own opinions and not develop

judgements purely based of false knowledge. What we say hurts people whether we know it

or not. So please let’s not stick to the status quo.

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