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My Age Is Just A Number

We teenagers are often told that we should not interfere in topics like this. We don’t know our feelings and sexuality at this age. We’re told to ignore the fact we get attracted to the same gender at the age of 13, tell yourself you straight when you’re not. Because we don’t understand our feelings. Honestly is that right?

Other people act like they support LGBTQ community and the idea, although at the same time they say, “I just don’t want you to be like that, not my child.” You tell us that we can support the idea but we can't even think of being gay or lesbian. So any feeling, even a slight one we put away because you taught us that it was wrong to have any feelings like that. Is that supporting the idea?

Others joke about it and simply say “oh god so you like me??I’m the same gender as you” Girls date guys, but they’re also friends with some of them. So, what’s different when your gay or lesbian? You can still be friends with them.

Everyone looks at you differently when you come out. They don’t want you to end up liking them. Years of friendship ruined.

I understand maybe you shouldn’t date at this age. Although we teens should be supported, we feel what we feel. You can at least respect our feelings, accept us the way we are. Not be ashamed of us and tell us that we don’t understand our own feelings or this is not the age. Yes, we’re still teenagers but were understanding, trying to figure ourselves out, this is part of that. Can’t you let us try and figure ourselves out and just support us?

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