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Survive At home, It Will Save My Life

I'm asthmatic, so you can basically say my lungs are pretty weak and I would mostly die if I got corona. So yes there's that slight fear of death, I mean I really don't want to die. It's a scary thought.

Lockdown has started opening in India people are going around. My friends have started to meet each other. I don't understand why people are not taking this seriously. Yes, the death rate is not that much but more you spread, more people will die. You might recover, but what about people like me and all those old people? I know how risky it will be for me if I go out but I see my friends meeting up and I want to go too, I just don't want to be left out. It's confusing you know, the fear of being left out and losing your friends and the fear of dying. Some would say I'm exaggerating but it's just how I feel

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