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Take Me Back to 2010

I miss those summers when I was a little kid. I would go outside in the sun I was filled with joy and happiness nothing else. Now it's completely different I'm always at home, I mean even before lockdown. I don’t understand what happened, what caused the change. I can’t just go out and ask people to be my friend, What will they say?.

They'll simply judge me. Then I might even make fun of me. It's not like I even have time to go out and have fun. I have classes till 6 and my parents don't trust me enough to let me go out after that. All I do is study, study, study. Even after my tuition, I'm expected to study. There’s honestly so much stress and pressure. SAT'S, board exams and so much more. Your grades are constantly compared with other students. It's no joke now you need to get into college, and yes, a good one. It doesn’t matter if you put in a lot of effort and did badly. You need to do good, not just good, exceptional. It scares me sometimes; will I get into college am I good enough?? Maybe I'm not. I’m tired, exhausted. I'm putting all my effort, but it feels like it’s still not enough. The stress has definitely got to me. There are moments when I stop doing all my work, take a minute, and cry it all out and get back to work. I do this at least 3 times a day. I want a break, I want to relax, watch some TV, dance around just anything away from all this stress. Although I can’t afford one with this stupid brain of mine. I don’t know who to talk to. It's not that easy. If my parents still can’t see what I’m going through, what’s the point in telling them. If I tell my friends maybe, they'll just say I'm overreacting.

The stress in high school is unbearable, it’s not like all those movies we see. It's four years that decide your future. It's not a tiny bit easy.

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