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Teenage Desire

I did something. something I know I shouldn't have done but just did it. It still haunts me every night, that’s how bad it is, I was on the verge from getting expelled from school. It is astounding how pear pressure or just the desire of wanting to appear cool can make you do things you could never in life have dreamt of. But the deed is done, and you can never undo what you have done. People who you thought were your friends leave you saying, "Sorry it’s just our parents don't want us hanging out with you' and the next day they'll be acting like nothing happened. And you feel forgotten like no-one cares for you. you have scary thoughts the memory haunts you, it makes you feel like you don't know who you are. It makes you feel miserable in ways which are unimaginable. But, in that instance you overlook the people who cared for you all along.

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