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The Terrible Truth

Don't wear any small clothes. Don't get to close to guys even though they're your friends. You cant go for any late-night parties if guys are there. No school trips. Come back before it gets dark. You cant take an uber/taxi and go anywhere. Don't talk to many guys on social media. Don't send any pics at all to guys. Don't post any pictures of you on your social media. Every parent tells their daughters in India. Their parents are not wrong. At just the age of 10, every girl is warned about something completely evil, something beyond their imagination. The fear of getting sexually abused. We do everything, change everything, take out everything we like because at the end of the day no one wants to go through that. I'm not saying all boys are like this. I have some friends who respect girls. The same thing might even happen to guys. That's not my point. My point is the world we live in is terrifying. At such a young age we have to live with such horrendous fears, with fears of death and more, it's not easy. Every time I go outside in the dark I'm scared. Every time someone comes a little close to me I'm scared. My hands tremble with fear. It irritates me how I don't have any freedom what so ever because I am a girl. But the ending question is always do you want to go through this or THAT?

My parents always used to tell me this world isn't a good place. Now I completely understand.

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