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Things Nobody Talks About

Yeah, it’s me, a teenager and the things we are gonna talk about are the plagues faced by a teen which no one really bothers to address. I personally feel that one of the biggest problems for teens is that parents tend to forget how stressful school life can actually be. The thing that I don’t get is why is everyone so obsessed with my future? Like how people go on, asking me about my grades, my life ahead, and bla bla bla...Basically, they think that I won’t have a future if I don’t have decent grades.

It seems like the grades identify me, not my personality. And not to mention the height of stress. I mean, who wouldn’t be stressed because my exams are near or I have a truckload of assignments to finish? “Oh see, I scored 91%!” I exclaimed but my short-term happiness was boomed by my neighbor as she commented, “Poor child! You did pretty well but if you want you could do much-much better, like my son who topped at the district level.”

They say if you try to dress a little better than other people you're ‘a drama queen’ and you try to get others to notice you; Likewise if any teenager doesn't have a beautiful face and beautiful style or even don't have enough money, it makes them disappointed by their life. The biggest problem to take out from the thought of not having something and to enjoy what they have, like their inner beauty. It feels like looking rich, buying an iPhone, buying Starbucks coffee, buying the latest gadgets, being popular, striving for more likes on your Instagram post, more followers, maybe even a verification badge will make you accomplish but rather it’s like being an alien, someone who doesn’t fit in anywhere.

A teen always has to think for a moment what society will think about them whenever they do something different from others. Even parents, at times, don't take the dreams of their children seriously. No matter what you do, according to society, there’s always a kid who is way better than you.

Another major problem is how teens think drinking alcohol, having drugs, smoking hookah or cigars very fashionable and trendy also the solution to all of their problems. It makes them feel very fresh and proud and be part of the grown-ups crowd.

People tend to talk to me like I'm somehow not conscious of my decisions. Because I'm a child. Like I don't know what the consequences of my actions will be. Our opinions are sometimes ignored by adults when they believe themselves to be superior due to their age, but our services are revered when they need help after they mess up. ‘You are too old, You are too young, You are too slim, You are too fat, You are too dumb, You are too immature.’ Teenagers are chained in all these dramas. A not-to-serious comment can make someones’ life upside down. Most teenagers feel free to do what they want but judge others if they do something different. Thus, they create problems for each other. And relationships? Bullying?

Teenage is a period of continuous changes, be it physical or mental, and during those times we need support and love, we need someone to guide us and help us understand things as it can be difficult for some to adapt those changes and some may feel overwhelmed. The support of people around us can make these changes easier for us to go through and adapt. It’s okay to feel confident and be you.

- Diya Agrawal

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