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Toy Guns: Violence Since Birth



We all are treated differently because of the color of our skin, something we can’t control, something we are born with, something we cannot change. People are being shot and arrested for being black. Not for something they did or said, but simply because they were born with more melanin in their skin.

How unfair is it for someone to be discriminated against on the basis of a variable they can’t control? It turns my stomach and breaks my heart to see all the horrible things that are being done even during the time of a global pandemic. The world should be focusing on the patients infected by the COVID-19, instead, people are still being detained for doing simple things like going for a run and playing with toy guns, all because of the color of their skin. The color of one’s skin is not a determinant of their personality. The color of one’s skin shouldn’t be something that causes one to feel uncomfortable. It’s been ingrained in our minds that having fair skin is an enviable trait. Why? Does being white give you superpowers? Does it give you the right to shoot someone just because they aren’t like you? Does it mean that you matter more? Is the color of one’s skin the determining factor for whether or not their life matters?

The color of your skin runs only on the surface level, it does not categorize you as good or bad, ugly or pretty, right or wrong; what truly defines you is your attitude, how you treat others and what you say and do. What does one’s skin color have anything to do with anything? So we all should suck it up and come to terms with the fact that not everyone is the same physically or mentally.


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