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Universal Insecurities

Beauty has a disputable definition. What’s beautiful to one person may not appeal to another and in our fast-paced society, beauty standards are changing constantly, making it extremely hard if not impossible for one to attain the society’s definition of beauty or that perfect body.

Despite public opinion, body-image issues and shaming are not exclusively female problems. Men undergo body-shaming, too.

From jabs on weight, hair loss, and skin color to being called effeminate, a large section of the male population, research shows, has undergone some kind of body-shaming at some point in their lives. And just like women, they too, are affected by some unnatural body- image standards that are set by society.

Men are now feeling dissatisfied not only with their muscles, but also their hairline, wrinkles, and body fat—and a heavy cultural and commercial promotion of unrealistic appearance standards is to blame. There has also been a rise in brands marketing protein shakes, cosmetic surgery, waxing products, makeup, and cellulite creams directly at men.

We all experience it. All of us are on the same boat, struggling to make it less about our bodies and more about who we are as individuals. It is so important to be represented for different bodies, different races, different skin colors, and different genders.

Illustration : Ranee Bajaj

Written by : Arya Rajesh

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