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We can Help him Seek the Justice he Deserves



Yet another Murder, yet another manslaughter, yet another homicide. George Floyd, yet another black murder. An innocent man tortured for 8 minutes and 46 seconds before he was killed in police custody, yet again. How long will police brutality go on for? When will the world put an end to racism? When will colored people be allowed to live? When will they be served the justice they deserve?

After Floyd was deprived of oxygen until his last breath, as protesters filled the streets of Minneapolis to seek justice, however, they were abused by brutality by the United States police body. Is pleading for justice a crime? How did these horrific incidents impact the youth? And what can we do to help? How can we encourage the world to change?

George Floyd's death is already affecting millions of precocious black boys and girls around the world today, many of whom have taken to the streets to demonstrate both the values of their own lives and to honor those taken from us too soon. However young, we can always contribute to helping seek justice for someone who deserves it. Every word, action, and donation is a step closer to help George Floyd rest in peace.

What can teenagers do to help Diana Floyd, whose “daddy changed the world”?

We bring the leaders of tomorrow, we should be the ones changing the present:

  • Educate your family and friends about recent innocent deaths due to racism.

  • Share your stories, share your opinions, and share your ideas to help eradicate racism.

  • Be more accepting of all colors, races, and genders.

  • Be accepting of different cultures and celebrate them

  • Talk, discuss, learn about past incidents in our history, and learn from them.

  • Validate the experience and feelings of people with color

Why is it Important to Speak Up Now?

We’ve been talking and thinking about racial justice a lot recently. Racism doesn’t just hurt communities of color; it hurts all of us. And just like a rising tide lifts all boats, working to end racism benefits, everyone. It is time to put an end to economic, cultural, educational injustices. It is time for us to take a stand, fight for the rights of colored people, and help them deserve a life they were born for.

Let's Help George Floyd get the Justice He Deserves

  • Help cover the costs of his funeral at GoFundMe

  • Donate to the Minnesota freedom fund

  • Help the Black visions collective

  • Help end police brutality at Communities United Against Police Brutality

  • Sign a petition: Text FLOYD TO 55156 OR Text DEMANDS TO 5516

George Floyd, yet another innocent man killed due to his color. We the youth are the only way his soul can rest in peace, let's not remain silent, let's come together to help Floyd and his family seek peace. Let's end oppression and inequality now.


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