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Welcome to GenZ

Being teenagers in this generation means almost all of us are on a social media platform. As fun as it is, scrolling through tik toks every day, posting stories on Instagram and even sending streaks to friends. These platforms have become so unsafe and disturbing. In the duration of the time I have spent on social media, cyber bullying has always been there. I was once targeted by an “anonymous” account, where people would post other peoples’ lousy pictures just for a laugh. I took it lightly and did not take action against it, but they went too far and wrote derogatory comments that were unacceptable with their posts. Finally, someone took the initiative from the people handling the “anonymous” account to shut it down. After a while I realised that some of my closest friends ran that account. When people say insolent and rude things via social media either anonymously or even some of your close friends it can lead one to feel depressed, anxious of their body

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