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Wishful of a “Perfect” Life

As teenagers we all have problems. When I say this I include all those teenagers who may have more than 1000 followers on Instagram or 'popular ones' Although somehow their problems are ignored. It's said that they have a perfect life. They go through absolutely nothing. It's the rest of us teenagers who go through something. How does that make sense? Are we not teenagers when we have more followers? I may have 1000 followers but that doesn't mean I have more than 1000 sweet friends who support me. It doesn't mean that people don't make fun of me, it doesn't mean I don't get bullied. My followers or likes on my Instagram doesn't show how many problems I have in my life. Those very likes and followers cause some of you to hate me. Be rude to me when I have never even spoken to you. Spread numerous rumors cause why not I'm the "mean person" in our grade. I have problems, I have numerous problems. I go through something just like the other teenagers. I don't have the perfect life I struggle with stuff every day. I have my own problems just like everyone else my followers on Instagram doesn't change anything.

I honestly wonder how you come to such conclusion .

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