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You Are Capable of Doing Anything.

My story is not an overnight miracle or magic nor was it a straight

path. My journey from fat to fit was like a roller coaster with lots of

ups and downs and a handful number or experiments on my body. It

started in December 2019 when I suddenly got a push that I need to

be fit. At first I joined a gym but I could not see huge results from the

exercise pattern I was following and it was becoming very depressing

for me that besides putting so much hard work and dedication the

outcome was none. The biggest challenge in this journey was the

pandemic when I got prohibited from the access to gym and any

other physical activity. At first I had lost all hope and even my family

members thought now again I was going to get back to my unhealthy

lifestyle. But as the fear of coronavirus increased my need to be

healthy with a strong immune system increased and I was a teenage

girl my perception of being a smart, fit, active and glamorous girl

increased. There were so many clothes I could not fit into just

because of my lazy attitude and unhealthy eating habits. I just don’t

know what kind of motivation came into me once I started my diet

and exercise there was no stopping from there. I want people to

know it doesn’t matter if you are fat or thin you just need to be

healthy and happy and accept the way you are. I am not encouraging

everyone to become thin I just want everyone to have a healthy

lifestyle and not be self-conscious with low self-esteem. You don’t

need to wait to be motivated and pushed by others just follow your

heart and be dedicated in whatever you are doing. After losing 12

kilos in 7-8 months that to without any guidance and support I have

started to believe more in myself and that I can do anything and I

just need to have a strong willpower and believe in myself.

Written by - Ashvika Agarwal

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